Deborah Doffing

Head ShotExecutive Board Member and Programs Committee Chair

Deborah Doffing, Director & Information Security Officer at Optum, responsible for strategic information security issues and opportunities and help business segments anticipate, identify and mitigate information risk. Two key areas of focus include working with mergers and acquisitions and owning the information security policy team. Ms. Doffing started her career with the 3M company in the Information System & Data Processing department and has been working in Information Technology and Security across several industries including, manufacturing, financial, travel & hospitality, healthcare, and telecommunications for several years. Ms. Doffing has a bachelor’s degree in Management of Information Security Systems and hold several certifications in information security management and privacy. Ms. Doffing has also participated as a board member and board officer in several non-profit organization as well as information security organizations such as Infragard, ASIS, and ISSA in various states where she has lived and worked.

Ms. Doffing is also an enthusiastic grandparent and spouse, spending quality time in whatever aspect or activity from Clash of Clans, to book clubs, to vacations, and an animated round of patty-cake.

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