Donald Raleigh – Executive Board Candidate

Donald RaleighI am very motivated and interested in serving on the Board of Directors for the InfraGard Minnesota Members Alliance. I have served on previous boards such as ECHO Minnesota and fully understand the commitment of time and energy that comes with type of volunteer activity. My interests in serving on the board are fundraising, IT support and supporting the mission, goals and objectives of IMnMA.


My name is Donald Raleigh and I am going into my 2nd year as a member. I spent nearly 8 years active duty in the United States Army with my time split between being a Presidential Guard with The Old Guard of the Army and then as a Military Intelligence NCO on the East German boarder as a Russian linguist. After leaving the Army I have worked in the high tech world for such companies as Control Data and British Telecom. 15 years ago I started my own web development company where I have served as its President and Chief Technology Officer.

I am currently serving in the United States Air Force, Civil Air Patrol as a Group Commander holding the rank of Major. I am rated as a Ground Branch Director, Master rating in Information Technology, Ground Team Leader and Flight Line Supervisor. In June of 2016 I will graduate from American Military University with a BA in Emergency and Disaster Management with a 4.0 GPA. It is my intent to continue on to my Master’s degree.

It would be my great honor to serve on the Board of Directors of the InfraGard Minnesota Members Alliance Board of Directors.