2016 InfraGard Awards

The 2016 InfraGard Awards Nominations are now OPEN and will CLOSE on June 1, 2016. All chapters are encouraged to get involved in recognizing volunteers from their Members Alliance, DHS and the FBI for outstanding service, commitment and dedication to the InfraGard program.

The 2016 Program includes the following awards:

To nominate a worthy individual for an award, go to the appropriate link for that award (see below).  First, you will see the criteria for that award.  It is important that you nominate someone that has met and exceeded those criteria.

Second, you must fill out all of the required nomination information, including approval from your FBI Coordinator and your IMA Board.

Third, you must describe the accomplishments of your nominee that you feel qualify them for consideration.  The more descriptive you can be in this area helps us better judge the nominees at hand.

When you nominate someone, you must include the IMA President and FBI Coordinator’s contact information.  Obviously, if you are nominating the President or FBI Coordinator for an award, you select the IMA Vice President as the contact.  When the InfraGard Awards Committee receives the submission, we will contact the IMA President / FBI Coordinator and validate that nomination.  Once validated, we will place that nomination into the queue for review and consideration.

The nomination window for the 2016 InfraGard National Awards Program opens Monday, March 14th and will close promptly at midnight, on Wednesday, June 1st, 2016.  All nominations will require approval from an FBI Coordinator and a board member from the nominating chapter.

If you require any additional information or have any questions, please contact the Awards Committee at awardscommittee@infragardmembers.org or Awards Committee Chair at awardscommitteechair@infragardmembers.org