InfraGard Announcement

Please see the below note from our President, Elizabeth Stevens and Special Agent in Charge Rick Thornton about some changes happening within our chapter.

From Elizabeth Stevens, Chapter President

2015 brings a new InfraGard venue, and this announcement from FBI Special Agent in Charge Rick Thornton regards another big change. This is a good time to  thank him and the Division office for their ongoing support.  As president, I’ve worked with other chapter presidents for several years, and can say comfortably that we see more participation from the FBI –analysts, special agents, support staff and executive leadership – than most other chapters.  They brief us at membership meetings, and share case details. Attend board meetings.  Shake hands for two days at the Secure360 InfraGard booth to recruit new interest.   And they’ve assigned some of the most dedicated Special Agents to the coordinator role.  It’s time for another “changing of the guard” on Tuesday, January 20 , and I hope you’ll be there to say thanks and welcome in person.   -Elizabeth

From Special Agent in Charge Rick Thornton

Dear MN/ND/SD InfraGard Members,

As we close out 2014 I would like to take this opportunity to extend my appreciation to all InfraGard Members who participated in this important public/private partnership this past year.  Since arriving here in June, I have been impressed by the scope of topics covered and how well they mirror our constantly evolving national and local threat priorities.  Insider Threat, Cyber Security, Emergency Management,  Al-Shabaab/ISIL Threat,  are just a few examples of the programs delivered to you this past year.   Putting together such a comprehensive program is a tribute to your respective Executive Committees, who have done an amazing job helping to guide this organization.   I hope that each of you were able to gain something valuable from the experience and I look forward to your continued participation and support as we move into 2015.  With that said, as many of you might be aware your 2014 InfraGard Coordinator of the year, SA Liz Lehrkamp, will be transitioning to one of our White Collar squads later in January.  SA Lehrkamp has done a tremendous job over the past four years and it is now time to pass the baton.  I am pleased to announce that your new Coordinator, SA John Bonhage, is eager to take over where Liz has left off.  With 19 years as an Agent under his belt, he will bring a wealth of experience to the program.  For the last 8 years John has been our Airport Liaison Agent and is well versed in matters involving national security.  His time spent in the 90’s crewing on a Japanese hot air balloon team served us well.  I’ll leave the rest of John’s background up to you to find out.  I wish all of you a happy and healthy New Year!

Rick Thornton, Special Agent in Charge, FBI – Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota