Job Opportunity – Emergency Managemenet Director, Outagamie County, WI

Job Announcement: em dir 2014

THE DEPARTMENT: The Outagamie County Emergency Management Department coordinates effective response and recovery efforts relating to natural and technological disasters and supports the local communities and their citizens within Outagamie County. Through planning, training, and exercising, we prepare our citizens and our response personnel to help minimize the loss of lives and property.
POSITION OVERVIEW: The Emergency Management Coordinator is responsible for developing and maintaining essential emergency plans and coordinating emergency operations of the County. These responsibilities include the Emergency Operations Center, and emergency response and recovery efforts. Other duties include public speaking and appearances, maintaining the emergency alert systems, preparing budgets, administering grants, supervising personnel, coordinating exercises and training efforts related to Emergency Management response, and maintaining records.
POSITION REQUIREMENTS: Qualified candidates will have an Associates Degree in the emergency services field, 3-5 years experience and a valid state driver’s license. Wisconsin CEM – Level Four with knowledge of municipal and county governments preferred.
FRINGE BENEFITS: The County offers an excellent compliment of fringe benefits which include paid vacation, holidays and sick time; health insurance; dental insurance; funeral leave; life insurance; long and short term disability insurance; deferred compensation, and Wisconsin Retirement.
APPLICATION PROCESS: Candidates will be reviewed based on a combination of education and experience. A selection of qualified individuals will be invited to participate in the interview process, which may include multiple interviews. All candidates participating in the interview process will be contacted at the conclusion of the search. Applications are required and should be directed to:
Outagamie County HR Department, File CC-441
410 South Walnut Street, Appleton, WI 54911
DEADLINE: No deadline has been established. The position will be filled when a suitable candidate has been identified.
RESIDENCY REQUIREMENTS: County residency is not required as a condition of employment.
PUBLIC RECORDS NOTICE: Wisconsin Statutes require an employer to treat an applicant’s identity as a public record unless the applicant specifically requests that his or her identity not be disclosed. Even with a written request for confidentiality, identity may be disclosed as required by law if a candidate becomes a finalist for the position.