Whirl Wind of Apps for Tornado

With most Americans having smartphones, it is easy to have preparedness information right in your pocket. Ashley Sylvester, a prepared mother of two children and survivor of the 2013 Oklahoma tornado, shares in the America’s PrepareAthon! disaster survivor video she had emergency preparedness mobile applications (apps) that were  vital to her. When she received the alert about an impending tornado via a tornado mobile app, she knew it was serious and was able to quickly move her family to their safe room.

Download the FEMA app to access disaster preparedness tips, get emergency meeting location information and more. Take your preparedness measures to the next level with FEMA text messages. Subscribe to receive regular safety tips for specific disaster types and search for open shelters. In addition, the American Red Cross has a host of weather-specific apps that will get you better prepared.

*From FEMA