Public/Private Coordination and Action Team

When an emergency occurs, each state agency carries out its responsibilities independent of other agencies. The activities of state agencies must be closely coordinated if the state is to respond effectively. The purpose of the State Emergency Operations Center is to facilitate that coordination.


MN State EOC – Photo my Minnesota Public Radio

In 2007, we created and formed the Public-Private Coordination and Action Team (P2CAT).

What is P2CAT? The P2CAT partnership was created to formalize the structure and process by which information-sharing and response coordination is accomplished between critical infrastructure participants and public sector representatives before, during and after events and incidents that involve State of Minnesota Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) activation.

This team was first activated during the 2008 Republican National Convention in Saint Paul. Since then, we have been supported the critical infrastructure and communities of Minnesota each and every time the SEOC is activated including the recent 2009 and 2010 severe weather and flood disasters in Minnesota.